Addicted executives are individuals at the helm of affairs that are held down by any form of addiction- behavioral or substance addiction.

One fact people need to know is, before they became executives, they were first humans, and after becoming executives, they remained humans. So, looking at the concept of addiction, you can be addicted irrespective of your status.

This is why you would hear some people say “Addiction is no respecter of persons.” If you do not do the right thing, there is a strong chance that you would be addicted. Now, we know that executives are saddled with the overseeing the progress of a business, brand or company.

Hence, this means that when employees on the lower cadre are resting, executives are brainstorming on how to move the company forward.

This is one of the challenges that comes with being an executive, all eyes are on you for great results and you dare not let them down because they can lose trust in you.

So, executives would do all within their power to make sure that they do not disappoint. In the process, some of them become addicted, and this happens as a result of stress.

Most executives are greatly stressed and they become addicted in the process. But, as executives, they cannot imagine the idea of being seen at a regular rehab where other regular people come to.

This is why executive rehabs exists; structured and fashioned strictly for executives. An executive rehab is more expensive than a regular rehab, and this is no problem for an executive or public leader.

They have the means to foot the expenses. The level of operation and the service delivery at an executive rehab is top-notch and cannot be compared to a regular rehab.

At an executive rehab, executives would associate with other executives there and this often provides a chance to network. So, with an executive rehab, top professionals can come in for treatment and go back to their place of work like nothing happened.