Common Venues for Wealthy Addicts

wealthy addictsThere is an inaccurate perception of addicts in our culture that depicts them as lower class and highly incapable. The classic picture of an addict is one with a scraggly appearance who cannot hold a job and appears to be physically unwell. While this type of addict does exist, this perception gives the errant impression than an addict cannot exist among the upper class. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Addicts can be found in every well-to-do hot spot in North America.

As you walk around your local country club, chances are you are passing at least several addicted socialites. Country clubs are meeting places for the upper echelon of society. Always equipped with a bar to enable alcoholics, country clubs may have the reputation of being incredibly refined, but upon closer inspection, one can see members who reveal an alcohol or drug habit. There are even a number of country clubs in recent years that have been discovered to have sex rooms.

Golf clubhouses are another common meeting place of white collar addicts. A lot of people who are casual on the subject joke that golf and alcohol were meant to go together. The truth is, it is not exactly a joking matter. Golf is a sport that commonly attracts alcoholics, particularly men. Golf is a very social sport for men but it doesn’t require intense athletic activity, so drinking can occur even while golfers are teeing off. Once a game is finished, a golf clubhouse is available that serves even more alcohol, which is where golf playing men and women tend to gather socially. The presence of the upscale bar is certainly a draw to white collar addicts.

Lastly, yacht clubs are another venue well-attended by white collar addicts. Owning a yacht is an enormous sign of social status, and a bar on the yacht and in the yacht clubhouse are essential. In the same way a golf clubhouse draws the presence of white collar addicts, yacht clubs do as well.