Overtime, people view addiction as a disease that affects only the poor and for those who are homeless, without money and have little or no resources to cater for themselves. However, they fail to know that addiction is a virus that affect anybody notwithstanding the status, whether poor or rich, old or young. It can take a toll on people from all walks of life even the affluent and wealthy in the white collar zone.

Surprisingly, it is possible for an addict to still remain active and effective at work while they are immersed in addiction particularly at the early stages but it would not be long before they start feeling the effect of the addiction on their performance level. People who are wealthy and work in white collar jobs are seen as upright and admirable. The fact is that they are also susceptible to the abuse of substances like drugs and alcohol probably due to the demand of their jobs.

White collar addicts have the ability to still remain functional at work and other responsibilities despite their state of addiction. They are capable of performing their work duties well while faced with issues of addiction even without their fellow colleagues being aware of what they are going through.

Many white collar addict do not quickly understand the need to seek therapy because they feel they are normal since they can still carry out their office work effectively. They become aware of the need for help when they enter into a state of withdrawal.

Also, since they are financially stable and efficient to keep acquiring the drugs or substance they abuse, they don’t see the need to quit and seek assistance. They remain enslaved to the grip of addiction. It takes time for them to reach the rock bottom than those who are poor and financially incapable.

However, gradually the addiction requirement becomes more expensive than ever that even their huge and high status salary would not be sufficient. Not forgetting many of this white collar addicts have other responsibilities apart from work and these responsibilities comes with financial obligations.

Failure to fund the addiction needs could lead to the white collar addicts engaging in crime and other illegal activities. Due to their status and function in the society, their crimes might not easily be noticed and they are likely to get away with it but once their crimes are finally discovered they become jeopardized.